1. All vehicles, equipments and assets are owned by different Sellers/Owners, and Aexpress Marketing Serives India private Limited, the Service Provider, will facilitate services between the bidder and the Seller/Owner.
  2. All the transactions are reserved. However Seller / Owner reserves the rights to withdraw any vehicles or equipment, if the Seller does not get the desired / expected bid.
  3. All vehicles and equipments are offered on ”as is where is basis”. AEXPRESS does not give guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, or of any kind.
  4. Bid amount does not include any statutory tax pending and applicable RTA fees. All these costs are additional and must be borne by the successful bidder.
  5. Bidders Should physically inspected the vehicle(s) and/ or equipment (s) before buying. Dispute pertaining to year of manufacture, documents, conditions of vehicles/assets etc will not be considered after successful bid. The Inspection can be done by any person on giving his / her business card or registartion number.
  6. Acqusitions made by the successful bidder, may be liable to GST/ applicable taxes, as per law in force in that state or as leived by the Seller / Owner.


  1. The Bidder shall pay a Sum of Rs. 1/- (One Rupee) and Goods & Service Tax (GST).


  1. AEXPRESS shall collect Rs.10,000/-(Ten thousand Rupees Only) as refundable security deposit (RSD).
  2. The Bidder will be entitled up to 10 times of the RSD amount.The Bidder can enhance his bidding limit by depositing additional RSD anytime during the bidding process (This is not a condition in the Bidder Catalogue).
  3. For Registration, the bidder must present personally with copy of PAN Card (Mandatory) and Address proof Document i.e, Passport or Driving license or Voter’s ID or Aadhar card.
  4. Entry to the event is stricly restricted to the registered bidder only.
  5. In case a registered bidder does not buy any vehicle or equipment, then the refund of RSD will be made immediately after closure of the bidding process.
  6. The successful bidder will pay AEXPRESS facilitation as per below table on final bid amount, plus GST/ applicable taxes, on the service charge,The Facilitation fee is not negotiable and must be payable on all acquisitions
Particulars Facllitation Fee (Per Asset plus GST)
Two wheelers Minimum of Rs 750/ or 2% of sale amount, whichever is higher
Three Wheelers Minimum of Rs 1250/ or 2% of sale amount, whichever is higher
All vehicles having 4 wheels or mole(including machines / parts etc) Sale Value = < 50000/- Rs 2000/-
All vehicles having 4 wheels or mole(including machines / parts etc) Sale Value >50000/- Rs.2000 / or 2% of sale amount, whichever is higher


  1. All acquisitions made by the Successful Bidder are subject to GST/applicable taxes and Rto charges as per law in force, and the same are payable by the Successful Bidder exclusive of the Final Bid Amount.
  2. Successful bidder has to pay a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the bid amount per vehicle/ equipment / on the same day to Seller/ Owner. Otherwise the Bid taken will not be Considered and RSD amount will be forfeited without further intimation.
  3. The balance amount should be paid by the successful bidder within next 7(seven ) days form the date of declaration as successful bidder by the Seller/Owner.
  4. User convenience fee @ 18% p.a will be charged against any amount due and payable by the successful bidder beyond 7 (seven) days from the date of the event, subject to a maximum waiting period of 15(fifteen) days from the date of declaratioan as sucessful bidder by the Seller/Owner.
  5. Default Beyond the stipulated 15 days, will lead to deal cancellation and forfeiture of RSD paid and the vehicle / equipment / machiney will be re-sold without further information. Acceptance of payment on later date is the sole discretion of the Seller/Owner.
  6. Please Refer to catalogue for any specific terms & conditions (if any) by the Seller/Owner.
  7. GST rates as per SAC Codes shall be applicable on the service provibed by the AEXPRESS.
  8. Under Finance Act 2016, New provision “Tax Collection at source” (TCS) single invoice above Rs.Two Lakh and Below Rs.Ten lakh attract 1% of the cash transaction as income tax and for all vehicle sold above Rs.Ten(10) lac will attract 1% of the sale consideration as income tax, therefore seller has to collect the tax from buyer and has to remit the same into income Tax. Buyer has to remit additionally over and above sale considerartion to the seller towards Income Tax (For applicability pls refer latest terms and conditions of TCS new provison under Finance Act 2016)


  1. Successful bidders are fully responsible for taking delivery of all Vehicles (s) or Equipment from Parking Yards after fullpayment is made.
  2. No Vehicle / Equipment must be removed by the successful bidder until all dues are paid in full and realized by the Seller / Owner.
  3. Successful Bidders must remove his vehicle/equipments(S) within next 15 days from the date of event: else storage/parking fees @ Rs 50/-(Fifty Only) plus GST per vehicle or equipment per day will be applicable


  1. Any Cash Received more than Rs.10000/- towards RSD will be refunded to unsuccessful bidder in the form of cheque or DD or Neft transfer within 3 days days at any given branch location subject to submission of Bank particulars by the bidders.
  2. For NEFT transfer the following details are required : IFSC code Account No ,Bank Name ,Bank Branch Name, Beneficiary Name and bidder’s name in bank should be same.
  3. RSD will be refunded to successful bidder only after realization of the entire sale proceeds by the Seller and upon confirmation from the Seller and after the receipt of Facilitation Fee/ Service charges plus GST By AEXPRESS.
  4. Bid amount does not include any statutory tax pending and applicable RTA fees. All these costs are additional and must be borne by the successful bidder


  1. It is hereby informed to all Bidders and participants that, videos and photographs of the events shall be used for our promotional, marketing, publicity, record keeping and other such related purposes.
  2. Aexpress Marketing Services India private limited reserves the right to HOLD any vehicle.
  3. The Successful Bidders hereby agrees that the decision of Seller / Owner is final with Respect to the Transaction.
  4. All photographs in brochures, catalogues or in display are just for illustration purpose. Bidder Should physically inspect the vehicle/ equipment and the documents to their satisfaction before bidding.
  5. Pls. Refer to catalogue for other terms and conditions.

I have the terms and conditions of event & other details as given in the catalogue / agreement and I hereby agree to abide by the terms and Conditions started herein.