Refund Policy

In case a registered bidder does not buy any vehicle or equipment, then the refund of RSD will be made immediately after the closure of the bidding process.

  1. Any cash received more than 19,999/- towards RSD will be refunded to unsuccessful bidder in the form of cheque or DD or NEFT transfer within 3 working days at any given branch location subject to submission of Bank particulars by the customer.
  2. For NEFT transfer the details required are: IFSC code Account No., Bank Name, Bank Branch Name, Bank Branch Code, Beneficiary Name (Customer Name -MUST be same as per ID proof given) And the ID / address proof (given for registration ) and bidder’s name in bank should be same.
  3. RSD will be refunded to successful bidder only after realization of the entire sale proceeds by the Seller and the confirmation of the same by the seller and after adjusting, the applicable service charges, if any.